So What


If you’re like me, one of the most frustrating things I do is misplace my personal belongings or forget my important appointments. I often misplace my eyeglasses, checkbook or my car keys. What an inconvenience in my busy day! In fact, just last week, I totally missed my doctor’s appointment that I scheduled just two weeks ago before I left for vacation.

“So What,” you ask?

Can you imagine never having this happen to you? Well, over 5,000 of our neighbors in the Greater Bluffton and Jasper County area don’t have this problem because they don’t have the eyeglasses they badly need or a basic checking account, not to mention, no mode of transportation other than our limited public transit system. And here is THE BIG ONE. They have no health insurance and without insurance they have no primary care physician. They needlessly suffer from abscessed tooth loss, preventable diabetes and they die from high blood pressure complications or prostate cancer that could have easily been detected early and treated IF ONLY THEY HAD A MEDICAL HOME.

“So What,” you ask?

Well, the good news is, in the Greater Bluffton and Jasper County we have a free medical clinic for the uninsured. Since 2010, the Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine has provided free healthcare, medications and diagnostic tests and treatments to over 2,000 of our neighbors and we’re growing our patient base by 18% per year. I’ve been a volunteer here for over 2 years and I definitely see the difference we make. OUR VOLUNTEERS SAVE LIVES.

“So What,” you ask?

We provide primary care, gynecological care, cardiology care, endocrinology care, diabetic education and free prescription medications. We are currently expanding our services to provide eye care and dental care for our neighbors that have never had these services, which you and I take for granted. Collectively, these free services improve the quality of life and allow our patients to return to work and to become productive members of our community.

“So What,” you ask?

This is only possible with support from people like you. Our free clinic receives no federal or state funding. We operate without tax dollars and our sole funding comes from private gifts and generous donations from our neighbors and local businesses. For every $1 we receive, we provide $2.25 of healthcare services to those that can’t afford it and are in desperate need of quality medical care. In South Carolina, more than 170, 000 SC residents have no healthcare.

“So What Are You Waiting For,” We ask?

Without your help, none of this is possible. The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING that you can do today is to join our mission and financially support our cause. We need your donation today. A gift of $50 will provide

$125.00 worth of healthcare services. A gift of $100 would provide $225 worth of healthcare services and a generous gift of $500 will provide $1,250 worth of healthcare services to those desperately in need. Can you think of a better return on your donation?

Please help me end the suffering of our neighbors and achieve our vision of ensuring that all of our local residents have access to quality healthcare services. Please donate today.


Chad Williams, Chairman, Bluffton Jasper Volunteers in Medicine